Municipal Facts and Figures

Population: 888 (2006 Canada Census)
955 (2001 Canada Census)
Average Age of Population: 47.7 years
Working Language: English
Province: New Brunswick
County: Northumberland
Parish: Blissfield
Geographical Location: Near the geographical center of the Province of New Brunswick, on the banks of the main waters of the Southwest Miramichi River, and served by Provincial Highway #8. Doaktown is approximately half-way (86 kilometres/53 miles) between the Provincial capital of Fredericton and the City of Miramichi, both of which are also served by Highway #8.
Land Area: 28.74 square kilometres (17.86 square miles)
Altitude: 30 meters (100 feet) above sea level
Latitude/Longitude: 46 degrees 33’50” N – 66 degrees 06’ 55” W
Time Zone: Atlantic Standard/Daylight
Climate: Continental/Maritime
Average Annual Rainfall: 812 millimetres (32 inches)
Average Annual Snowfall: 282 centimetres (111 inches)
January Daily High/Low: -5/-15 Centigrade (24/5 Fahrenheit)
July Daily High/Low: 25/13 Centigrade (77/55 Fahrenheit)
Major Employer: J. D. Irving Limited
Federal Constituency: Miramichi
Member of Parliament: Tilly O’Neill-Gordon (Conservative)
Constituency Office: 4 Renaud Street, Miramichi, NB   E1V 6T1
TEL: 506-778-8448
FAX: 506-778-8150
Parliamentary Address: House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario   K1A 0A6
TEL: 613-992-5335
FAX: 613-996-8418
Provincial Riding: Southwest Miramichi
Member of the Legislative Assembly: Jake Stewart (Conservative)