Municipal Bylaws

By-Law No. 91-1 Civic Addressing

By-Law No. 94 W-1 Water Bylaw

By-Law No. 95-1 Water & Sewerage Services Reserve Fund

By-Law No. 99-1 Prevention of Excessive Noise

By-Law No. 99-2 Dog Control

By-Law No. 2004-01 Water Bylaw 2004

By-Law No. 2004-12 Village of Doaktown Council

By-Law No. 2005-01 Cross Connections for Municipal Water System

By-Law No. 2005-03 Subdivision Bylaw

By-Law No. 2007-02 Respecting the Fire Department

By-Law No. 2012-01 Village of Doaktown Council Proceedings

By-Law No. 2017-03 Community Emergency Planning

 By-Law No. 2017-01 Rural Plan – Village+of+Doaktown+(BL+2017-1) – Adopted in 2017 

 Zoning Map 2017

By-Law No. 2018-1 By-Law to Amend By-Law 2017-1

PROPOSED By-Law #2021-01 Building By-Law

For further information or assistance, please contact Village Assistant Clerk Karen Petitpas at or by calling 506-365-7970.