Former Mayors

Doaktown was officially incorporated as a Village on November 9, 1966.  In the 45 years since then, six Mayors have served our community well.

robinson_kenneth1967-1971: Kenneth J. Robinson – Born on July 8, 1911 in Doaktown, the son of Hannah  (Regan) and Melvin James Robinson.  Married Lillian Grace Storey (b. 1914), the daughter of Nellie (Vickers) and Stillman Henry Storey, and had three children, two of whom would later serve as Village Councillors:   Kenneth R. Robinson, L. H. Ira Robinson (Councillor from 1998-2001), and Isaac R. Robinson (Councillor from 2004-2008).  During the course of his life, Kenneth drove horses for the Russell and Swim saw mill, and for R. H. Swim delivering ESSO furnace oil and gas products.  Later he became the local agent for Imperial Oil under his company name “K. J. Robinson.”  He served on the Local Service District Council for a number of years prior to Doaktown’s incorporation in 1966 and was extremely proud to serve as the Village’s first Mayor. He passed away on November 14, 1971 at the age of 60.


taylor_clarence1971-1980:  E. Clarence Taylor – Born on July 18, 1829 in Newton Heights (Moncton), the son of Merle (Dysart) and Everett West Taylor. Clarence worked for Lounsbury’s in both Moncton and Bathurst but in 1956 was appointed store manager in Doaktown where he met his future wife. Married Glenna E. Russell, the daughter of Mabel (Crocker) and Victor Russell of Doaktown and had three children. Clarence continued to manage the Lounsbury’s operation in Doaktown until his retirement in 1991. He was elected Mayor of Doaktown by acclamation in June of 1971 and served two additional terms (both  by acclamation).



1980-1995: Benson H. Parker – Born on November 8, 1930 in Carrolls Crossing, the son of Violet (Lyons) and Murdock Parker.  He was first employed by Russell and Swim Limited as a labourer, a truck driver and then as a steam boiler operator.  He was later employed for 21 years by Acadia Forest Products in the Doaktown district first as a machine operator, then as a cost analyst, and finally as a trucking superintendent.  “Benny” married Thelma Doak, the daughter of Ruby (Amos) and Walter Doak, and the couple had one son.  He served as Councillor from 1971-1980 and was elected as the Village’s third mayor in 1980 serving two terms from 1980-1986.  He was again elected as Mayor in 1988 and served until 1995.  Benson Parker passed away on November 17, 2007 at the age of 77.


taylor_helen1986-1988:  Helen M. C. Taylor – Born on January 13, 1936 in Chatham, New Brunswick, the daughter of Mary (Hackett) and Hazen Dickson.  Married Eldon A. Taylor, also of Chatham, and had two sons, Byron W. Taylor (who was later to serve as a Doaktown Councillor from 1992-1995) and Brent S. D. Taylor.  Helen was the first and (to date) only woman to serve the Village as Mayor being elected in 1986.  She resigned from Council in 1988 just prior to the death of her husband and was succeeded by former Mayor Benson Parker who served until 1995.  Helen passed away on August 14, 1995 at the age of 59 in Victoria, British Columbia.


porter_james1995-2004:  James W. Porter – Born on March 7, 1937 in Doaktown, the son of Anita (Doak) and Gerald Porter. Married Valerie Price, the daughter of Edna (Harris) and Joseph Price, and had three children, one of whom (Jeffrey D. Porter) was elected to Village Council in 2012.  James served as a constable with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police from 1958 to 1961 and as a fisheries officer with the Federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans from 1962 to 1996.  He ran in the November 1983 by-election and was elected as a Councillor replacing Ronald Robb.  He served in that capacity until 1995 when he was elected as Mayor on May 8, 1995.  He won a second term in office in the municipal election held in May 1998 and was again elected (this time by acclamation) in 2001, a term that expired in 2004.


stewart_mayor_charles_e2004-2012:  Charles (“Sonny”) E. Stewart.  Born on April 28, 1942 in Carrolls Crossing.   Married Gail Porter and had two daughters, Karen Ann and Coralee Dawn.  Sonny began his working career with Diamond Construction Limited of Fredericton shortly after his graduation from high school in 1959 and remained with the company until December 2001.  He served as a Doaktown Village Councillor from 1983-84 and over the years has donated his time in many volunteer capacities particularly with the Saint Thomas United Church, the Doaktown Youth Centre, and the Doaktown Arena.  Sonny also worked as a driver with the Doaktown Saint John Ambulance and remains active in community affairs.

2012-2018 Beverley (Bev) K. Gaston. Born on April 02, 1948 in Doaktown NB. Son of Lucy (Robinson) and William Gaston. Bev married Linda North and they have 3 children, Nick, Cynthia and Geoff. Bev worked for Lounsbury Co. Ltd for 38 years retiring as Vice-President in 2000. While Mayor, Bev also served 2 years as President for the Union of New Brunswick Municipalities. Bev and his wife, Linda, now reside in Saint John, NB.



2018-2021  Jeffrey D. Porter

Former Councillors

Following is a list of all those who have contributed their skills and energies to the betterment of our community:

1967-1971:  William R. MacKinnon, Myles Russell
1971-1975:  Ronald Gaston
1975-1980:  Herbert Lyons
1971-1980: Trevinnion Storey, Benson Parker
1980-1983:  Isaac R. Robinson, Newton Carroll, Stanley Donovan

1983-1986:   Isaac R. Robinson, Ronald Robb, Charles E. Stewart
1985-1986:  James W. Porter, Helen Taylor (by-election)
1986-1989:  Glen Harding, James W. Porter, Bruce M. D. Storey
1988-1989:   Paul M. Gillespie (by-election)

1989-1992:  Paul M. Gillespie, James W. Porter, Bruce M. D. Storey

1992-1995:  Paul M. Gillespie, James Porter, Byron W. Taylor

1995-1998:  Paul M. Gillespie, Bruce M. D. Storey, Clifton S. Durling

1998-2001:  Paul M. Gillespie, J. Lorri Amos, Carl R. Price, Ira L. Robinson

2001-2004:  Paul M. Gillespie, J. Lorrie Amos, Carl R. Price, Scott E. Stewart

2004-2008:  Paul M. Gillespie, Carl R. Price, Scott E. Stewart, Isaac R. Robinson
2008-2012:  Paul M. Gillespie, Carl R. Price, Scott E. Stewart, Wayne N. Fowler

2012-2016:  Paul M. Gillespie, Jeffrey G. Porter, Wayne N. Fowler, Tanya Robichaud (2012-2014)

2015-2016:  Carl. R Price ( by-election)

2016-2021:  Paul M. Gillespie, Carl R. Price, Wayne N. Fowler, Arthur O’Donnell