Garbage Pick-Up/Recycling/Hazardous Waste

Garbage Pick-up

Residential garbage within the Village of Doaktown is regularly collected on Mondays (including holiday Mondays unless otherwise advised) by Joe’s Garbage Pick-Up Ltd.  If you have a question or wish to lodge a complaint, please contact Councillor Wayne Fowler at 506-365-7970 (Extension 111) or Shelly Williams 506-624-8205.

All residents are asked to place their bagged garbage within a reasonable distance of the curb in a location that provides the garbage removal personnel with easy access.  Please note that neither the Village of Doaktown nor their contractor is responsible for garbage pick-up when the refuse is not easily accessible because of snow, ice or other conditions.  Furthermore, if the garbage is not placed in a secure container, residents will be responsible for keeping the area free of debris.

It is generally expected that weekly garbage generation for a normal household will not exceed four standard-size bags with no one bag weighing over 40 pounds.

Non-residential garbage (refuse generated by businesses, service groups, churches or other organizations) is not included in the Village’s contract with Breau’s Disposal and is therefore the responsibility of the owner or operator.  Arrangements for the removal of this refuse can be made with any of the following:  Joe’s Garbage Pick-Up Limited (506-622-8021), Waste Management (506-451-0001), or any other approved waste disposal company.

Municipal Clean-Up Days:  To accommodate excess refuse, the Village contractor is obligated to provide for two general clean-up days per year.  In 2019, those dates have been scheduled for May and October.  On those two occasions, the following items can be put out for collection:  yard waste (boxed, bagged or tied in 3′ length bundles); stoves, barbecues, bicycles, beds, mattresses, furniture, etc.  Articles that will not be accepted under any circumstances include automobile or snowmobile parts, paint, tires, liquids, batteries, etc.

Residential Curbside Recycling Program

Blue Bins – The following materials can be deposited in blue bins (provided by the Greater Miramichi Regional Service Commission in the Doaktown, Blackville and Boiestown area:

  • Plastics – #1, #2, #4, #5, & #7
  • Cardboard & Boxboard
  • Metal
  • Paper

Porter’s Bottle Exchange – Accepts all types of pop and liquor bottles and cans.  Also coated cardboard containers for juice (they cannot accept milk cartons).  For more information, call 506-365-7326 or visit them at One Nelson Hollow Drive, Doaktown.

Household Hazardous Waste

Leftover paint (in its original container with a cover and a label) can be dropped off at Betts’ Home Hardware, 420 Main Street, Doaktown (506-365-7888).  For further information concerning the disposal of other types of household hazardous waste, please contact the Greater Miramichi Regional Service Commission.