Doing Business in Doaktown

 Why Doaktown? 

Because not only do we have “location,” we are also central, to every other major center in New Brunswick.  In just under an hour, you can be in either Fredericton or the City of Miramichi; in two or less you can reach Moncton, Saint John, or Bathurst.  Just over two hours’ driving time puts you in either Grand Falls or Campbellton, while Edmundston is a little over three hours away.  Two hours can also put you in the USA while Halifax, Nova Scotia and Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island are both easy day trips on excellent and uncongested highways with lots of beautiful scenery to make your trip even more enjoyable. You can easily do business from Doaktown anywhere in the Maritime Provinces from our easy-to-reach location.

High speed internet gives us access to international centers at the touch of a keyboard.  Why pay the high cost of office space, commuting, parking and all the other financial and emotional stresses of an office or warehouse in a “big city” when you can enjoy the casual and stress-free environment of Doaktown at much more affordable rates.  Increase your profits while enhancing your quality of life — suits and ties are definitely an option and you can eliminate those long hours on the road at the end of a hectic day to get back home where you can finally relax.  Here you can either work from home or be less than 10 minutes away from our golf course,  the curling club, the arena or perhaps a leisurely boat ride on our famous Miramichi River.  And on that note — not only do we have a world-class sports river running through our Village, we can still drink its water!

For a small rural community, Doaktown can offer you and your family a surprising array of amenties including a bank, post office, pharmacy, a major chain grocery store, a hardware store, W. W. Doak (known around the world for their salmon flies and supplies), family restaurants offering  “hardy” fare, a library and plenty of recreation options — all this in addition to a modern health care facility, sound educational opportunities, a very low crime rate and plenty of properties to choose from.  Our real estate is of exceptional value and the Village is eager to grow.  At the present time, we have a large number of commercial and residential properties available either for sale or for development as well as a sizeable parcel of land in a prime location dedicated as an Industrial Park.

We are open to fresh ideas, new investors and people who are interested in making this part of the Miramichi not only their place of business but their home.

Talk to us!

Contact Mayor Jeff Porter at or call him at 506-365-7970, Ext. 101.