About Us

The Village of Doaktown is situated almost in the middle of Route 8 (The Miramichi River Route) which cuts diagonally through the center of New Brunswick and is one of the oldest numbered routes in the Province.  Approximately 45 minutes to the southwest is the City of Fredericton, the Provincial Capital, while 45 minutes to the northeast is the City of Miramichi.  Using Route 126, we are about two hours away from the City of Moncton and about 2½ hours from the City of Saint John.  With the exception of the City of Miramichi, all of these urban centres boast international airports and all – with no exceptions — have major health care facilities.   Route 8 and its companion roadways are in good condition, traffic is comparatively light, and the scenery is always enjoyable.

Doaktown itself is relatively small – in fact, based on the 2006 Census figures, the Village population is less than 1,000.  However, our workforce and customer base relies very heavily on the residents of the surrounding communities who are linked with us not only by Route 8 but also by the clear blue waters of the Miramichi River which is never far away.  Be it Astle, Boiestown, Porter Cove, Parker Ridge, Holtville, New Bandon, McNamee, Ludlow, Carroll’s Crossing, Bettsburg, Nelson Hollow, Storeytown, Hazelton, Blissfield, or Blackville — we are all Miramichiers, and proud of it!

The lumber industry has been our primary source of revenue since the early 1800s although our other natural resources – the River, its salmon, the wildlife and our spectacular scenery – have made this area a year-round tourist destination.  For a small rural community, we offer a surprising array of services and amenities, and given our long history of welcoming “sports” to share in our River, you’ll find us friendly and eager to welcome you too.

Got questions?  Need more information?  Just e-mail us at doaktown@nb.aibn.com  or villageofdoaktown@bellaliant.com