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Village Office


BEV GASTON (MAYOR): 506-365-7970, Extension 101
Media Spokesperson;
Supervisor – Inside Staff; Tourism; Economic Development;
Director – Regional Service Commission;
Director – Union of New Brunswick Municipalities;
Village Representative – South Central Forestry Group;
Advisor – Community Park Committee.

CARL PRICE (DEPUTY MAYOR): 506-365-7970, Extension 109
Arena Coordinator; Fire Department (Back-up Coordinator)

WAYNE FOWLER (COUNCILLOR): 506-365-7970, Extension 111
Fire Department / Fire Hall Coordinator; Garbage Removal;
Village Representative – Atlantic Salmon Museum;
Transportation (Back-Up); Economic Development.

PAUL GILLESPIE (COUNCILLOR): 506-365-7970, Extension 108
Water and Waste Water Plant and Maintenance;
Coordinator – Doaktown Community Gym;
Coordinator – Work Schedule (Waste Water and Waste Water Management);
Chair – Doaktown Community/School Library Board of Trustees.

ARTHUR O’DONNELL (COUNCILLOR): 506- 365-7970, Extension 106
Coordinator – Transportation and Snow Removal;
Maintenance – Roads (Summer Months);
Parks; Street Lights; Grass Maintenance; Animal Control;
Advisor (Back-Up) – Community Park Committee.

MARILYN PRICE, VILLAGE CLERK: 506-365-7970, Extension 102

SHERRY NAGLE, ASSISTANT VILLAGE CLERK: 506-365-7970, Extension 103


SPECIAL COMMITTEES: Land Use Development, Zoning Changes, Emergency Measures,
Community Vault.
Please call Mayor Bev Gaston a 506-365-7970, Extension 101.


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Village of Doaktown
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TEL: 506-365-7970
FAX: 506-365-7111